How to Use

Our Lift, Unsnap & Wrap towel may come with a slight learning curve due to its unique design. Don't worry, we're here to help you learn all the different ways you can use your towel.

Check out our infographic below for a quick preview on how to use our towel in the most popular orientations. 

For more in-depth tutorials, scroll to our video gallery below.

Psst...when using our towels, remember to always make sure your baby is secured in your arms. Our towels are not meant to support your baby in anyway. An adult should always be supervising a baby with the towel.

Orientation 1 (Most popular way to use - recommended for newborns to toddlers)

Orientation 2 (for newborns/infants)

If you are using our towel on an older/larger baby, watch these tips to ensure a seamless transition out of the bath.

For more detailed instructions, check out our how-to videos below, plus the 10 ways you can use our towel!

The *10* ways to use our towel 

Orientation 1 (recommended for newborns to toddlers)

Orientation 2 (for newborns)

3 common ways to use - From Newborns, to Infants to Toddlers