About Us

Our Difference

Our towels were created with one mission in mind: To make bath time easier, mess-free and safer for parents and their babies.

Our revolutionary design offers an easier and safer alternative to laying your baby on the bathroom floor or clenching your towel under your chin as you lift your baby from the tub after bath time. Just snap, bathe, lift and wrap.

Convenience, safety and simplicity are at the heart of our creation.  As a mom-founded brand, we know how important it is to choose products that make your life easier.  All you have to do before bathing your baby is to clip our towel behind your neck. After your towel is clipped onto your neck, both of your hands can be used to hold and lift your baby, safely and securely, instead of trying to juggle a towel and a baby.  Your baby is wrapped in seconds and you’ll never end bath time with wet clothes. We also made sure to create our towels with only the best fabric for your baby’s skin – so all our towels are made with 100% GOTS organic cotton.

We’ve helped hundreds of families in Canada and the United States simplify bath time with their little ones so parents can enjoy more stress-free memories with their babies. We are so grateful to be part of so many families’ parenthood journey.

Have any questions or concerns you’d like to share with us? We'd love to hear from you – just drop us an email at hello@thefuzzysprout.com or contact us through our social media @thefuzzysprout. 

Our Story

As an overwhelmed first-time mom, I endlessly searched for ways to keep my colicky baby calm. The best piece of advice I was given during difficult days was to take my baby outside or put him in water. With a December baby, Canadian winters aren’t the most forgiving for mothers who crave a few moments of silence. So my little guy spent countless hours playing in his bath tub (supervised, of course!). I needed a solution to take him out quickly, by myself, without getting wet. The traditional baby towels I bought were too thin, too small, or too difficult to use. I had to juggle my towel and my baby without either one falling in, and I always ended up with a crying, cold baby. I needed an easy and safe solution, and so with a few pieces of terry cloth, a sewing machine, and some trial and error, the Fuzzy Sprout's Lift, Unsnap & Wrap towel was born.

The Fuzzy Sprout was created to simplify bath time and make parenthood just a little bit easier. As a parent, you have so many things to juggle - your baby's towel shouldn't be one of them. Made with 100% organic cotton, our unique design frees your hands so you always stay dry and are never fumbling with your wet baby and your towel. Plus, our generously sized towels grow with your baby and can be used in various ways to maximize functionality & convenience – it’s one less thing your have to replace as your baby grows.  Each towel can continue to be used well into your little one’s toddler years.

Now, as a mother of 2 feisty little ones, I cannot imagine bath time without our Lift, Unsnap & Wrap towels which come in so handy when managing bath time with 2 littles.

We hope our towels give you a little bit of sanity as you navigate through your parenthood journey. We know how stressful parenting can be; bath time with your baby shouldn’t be!