Why are babies more susceptible to toxin exposure?

It’s no secret that our towels were specifically created to be made from GOTS certified organic cotton so we could feel comfortable wrapping our little ones in chemical free fabric – and we knew parents would want the same for their babies. We often get asked, “why is it so important to opt for toxin-free products for babies?” In short, babies are more vulnerable to toxins in their environment than adults and are more susceptible to the negative effects of these toxins. These effects can include things like developmental delays, learning disabilities, and other health problems. Here’s the breakdown of why protecting babies from toxins is so important:

Higher Metabolic Rate

Babies have a higher metabolic rate than adults, which means that they process food and nutrients more quickly. This also means that they can absorb toxins more quickly. For example, if a baby ingests paint chips, their body will absorb more of the lead than an adult would, which can lead to lead poisoning.

Developing Bodies

Babies are still developing, and their bodies are not yet fully formed. This means that their organs, including their liver and kidneys, are not as efficient at filtering toxins from their bodies. Their immune systems are still developing, which can make them more susceptible to infections and other health problems.

Lower Body Mass

Babies have a lower body mass than adults, which means that a smaller amount of toxins can have a larger effect on them. For example, if a baby is exposed to second-hand smoke, the toxins from the smoke will have a greater impact on their body than it would on an adult.

More hand-to-mouth behaviour

If you have baby, you know how often they put everything in their mouths. Babies spend a significant time crawling on the ground and touch surfaces that adults wouldn’t normally touch. They then put their hands in their mouths and may ingest the toxins found on these surfaces.

There are several things that parents and caregivers can do to prevent the unnecessary exposure of toxins to babies. It’s important to take steps to reduce exposure by using non toxic cleaning products, avoiding activities that cause toxic exposures, like smoking, using organic and non-toxic baby products, providing a healthy diet where possible and using a HEPA filter to remove pollutants from the air. Using our 100% GOTS certified organic towels that wrap their sensitive skin after a warm bath is one way we help parents create a safer and healthier environment for their babies.

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