My Newborn Won't Stop Crying - Now What?

Bringing a newborn home can be extremely overwhelming. Not only are you taking care of a brand new human, but its often hard to tell why they keep crying. Here is a checklist you may want to go through to try to calm your newborn:

1. First, check for obvious reasons why your baby might be crying. Ask yourself:

  • Are they hungry?
  • Do they have a wet diaper?
  • Are they overtired?

2. Check for other less common signs of discomfort: Make sure their clothes aren't too tight or causing them to be uncomfortable. Check their fingers and toes to make sure nothing is caught in them (your hair can get wrapped around them!) 

3. Trying using motion: Newborns often find comfort in movement because they were so used to mama's movement when they were in the womb. Try holding your baby and gently rocking them, swaying from side to side, or walking with them while holding them close to you. 

4. Try white noise: Some babies find comfort in white noise, for much of the same reason as they like movement - it mimics the womb. You can use a white noise machine or find a white noise playlist online.

5. Do skin-to-skin: Holding your newborn against your bare skin can help to regulate their breathing, heart rate and temperature, and can make them feel secure. 

6. Take a walk: A change of scenery can help to calm a crying newborn. Take your baby for a walk in a stroller, or wear them in a carrier while you walk around outside.

7. Give them a bath: Our favourite tip! Putting your baby in lukewarm water can calm them down, because like the many tips above, it can remind them of being in the womb. The new sensation of the water may be just enough to change their demeanour. 

Remember, babies cry ALOT. That doesn't mean you are doing anything wrong. It's hard to adjust to the outside world - give yourself and your baby some grace. Be patient and keep trying different soothing techniques until you find what works for your baby. If your baby's crying persists or you have concerns about their health or well-being, don't hesitate to contact a healthcare provider.

You got this!

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