Do Babies Really Need Baby Towels?

Many parents question whether it’s necessary to buy baby towels. They seem too thin, too overpriced and just another baby product amongst hundreds of others that parents feel like they HAVE to buy. So are they really worth it? Generally, adult sized towels can be used for your little one. Here are some reasons why using a baby towel may be a better option for your family. 


If you’ve bathed a baby before, you know that babies can soil their towels before you have a chance to put their diapers on. This can mean more loads of laundry. Since adult towels can take up so much room in a washing machine due to their size and weight, frequently washing and drying them is less than ideal. Baby towels take up less room in your washer, dryer and hamper.

Baby-use only

Having towels dedicated for use only by your baby means you can keep their soiled laundry separate from yours. This is especially helpful if you use a gentler detergent on your baby’s laundry.

baby with baby towel being held by mom


Baby towels aren’t as thick as adult towels, for good reason. The thicker the towel, the more susceptible the towel can be to bacteria buildup as it stays damp for longer. A thinner towel is less likely to promote bacteria build up when left to air dry.

A thicker adult towel may be too heavy for a baby and not as easy to transport/wrap around your wriggly little one as you move them to their change table after their bath. That being said, you don’t want a baby towel that is TOO thin and not absorbent enough. We recommend choosing a baby towel that isn’t extremely thin, but one that is around 300 – 450 GSM (grams per square metre. This refers to the density of the towel) to ensure that your baby stays warm and cozy.

When you purchased your adult towels, you may not have been too concerned about the material that your towels were made from. As a parent, you are probably more cautious about the types of fabrics that touch your baby’s skin. Choosing only certified organic fabric for your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin ensures that the fabric that cradles your baby after a warm bath is free of harsh chemicals.


Hoods on baby towels are not only adorable, but they are helpful too. Babies lose large amounts of heat from their head due to its high skin surface area. This means they get colder a lot faster than adults do once removed from the bath. Since much of their heat is lost through their head, using a hooded towel can be an effective way to keep them warm and keep their tears at bay.

Added functionality

We get it – baby towels can seem like an added expense if they are just a smaller version of an adult towel. While many baby towels aren’t much different than an adult towel, except for their size, weight and hooded design, some towels provide an added, functional benefit to bath time.  Our Lift, Unsnap & Wrap towels offer a unique functionality that can’t be replicated if you just opt to use your adult towel on your baby. They snap on around your neck and make lifting your baby easier since you can use both hands to place them on your chest/shoulder without getting wet.  It makes taking your baby out of the bath easier and safer.

As a parent, you know bath time can be fun, or it can be a tear-filled struggle. While your baby’s bath time experience may never be consistent (some days they love it, some days they hate it!), a baby towel can make bath time go a little smoother and make parenting just a little bit easier.

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