Bath time tutorials: A 60 second step-by-step process

Knowing where and how to bathe your baby can be tricky - especially if your bath room layout isn't spacious, or if you don't want to bend down into a full size bath tub to bathe your baby if you don't need too. 

Here are actual bath time tutorials we created to show you a simple, step by step process to bathing your baby depending on your preference - either in a sink (our favourite!), in a stand alone bath tub, or in a full size adult bath tub. 

Before you bathe your baby, lay out your baby's diaper and clothes on their change table, and bring 3 things with you: your Lift, Unsnap & Wrap towel, a washcloth(s), and a swaddle. If you plan to use soap, make sure that's close by. 

*For safety reasons, always make sure to support your baby's head in the water, and do not rely on a bath aid to do so*

Sink Bath Tutorial

 Stand Alone Bath Tub Tutorial

Using a Full Sized BathTub Tutorial

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